Our Kiger Mustangs

We have carefully chosen our kiger mustangs to assure we introduce strong, healthy horses that fulfill the breed standard well in Sweden and the rest of Europe. We aim for the perservation of kiger mustangs with correct conformation and the primitive markings that characterize the breed - with no or only small amount of white markings. It is our responsibility as a breeder to keep the characteristics that mother nature created in the kiger mustang. To avoid all forms of inbreeding and to combine different individuals streghts/weeknesses in the best way, we believe the fantastic qualities of the kigers can be retained through generations.

Our imported kigers are all registered with the Kiger Mesteno Association in USA, and therefore they also have DNA back to freezebranded individuals. Our breeding stock is also registered with Kiger Horse Association & Registry (KHAR) and are considered as "prime examples of kiger mustangs" (star in registration number). 

For complete pedigrees, vistit: www.kigerdirectory.com. You can also search for registration documents by performing a "document search".

SWS Durango de DBLE L

Photo credit: Christine Karlsson

D.O.B 2005-05-04
Reg: KMA #0581-P, KHAR#T-0254-SCD*
e: Bendicion del Vaquero KMA #0232-W, KHAR#T-0105-SRD

u: Victoria Secreta KMA #0069-P, KHAR#T-0174-MCD

ue: Wallowa Kiger KMA #0001-W, KHAR#T-0013-SKD

uu: Kiger Heller KMA #0002-W, KHAR#T-0005-MKD

Durango originates from the first Kiger and Riddle Mountain herds. He represents the breed completely with his dun colour and distinct primitive markings. No white. 
He has a great mind and is very calm and nice to handle. Nice offspring both in

Sweden and Germany! 

Durango has been tested for: Extension, Agouti - and dun, with the following result:
EE: Can not get chestnut (sv:fux) or red dun (sv: rödblack) offspring
Aa:  Can get offspring with bay (sv: brun) or black (sv: svart) base color
Dd: 50% dun (sv: black) offspring if mare is 'dd', 75% dun offspring if mare is 'Dd', 100% dun offspring if mare has 'DD')


Available for live cover to healthy kiger mustang mares.

Contact us if you are interested in using Durango for breeding purposes.


D.O.B: 2004
Reg: KMA#0653-W, KHAR#T-0253-MKG*
Freezebrand# 04018187
Origin: Kiger HMA, Oregon, U.S.A

Mahana is captured from the wild (Kiger HMA). She is a very sensitive and nice horse. All her foals get very calm and social.

Genotype: aaDd, Height: ~144 cm.

Offspring: TK Lulu Juniper, TK Wanahton, TK Jacaranda, TK Teetonka, TK Moema, TK Izel de la Tierra, Hells Black Jack, Hells Bonanza

Rio´s Chiquita

D.O.B 2006-05-14
Reg: KMA #0642-P, KHAR#T-0255-MCD*
e: Kiger Diamond Rio KMA #0106-W
u: Kiger Chica KMA #0458-W

Chiquita is sired by Diamond Rio, a former lead stallion of  the Riddle Mountain HMA. She possess the conformation, dun colour and primitive markings desired in Kiger mustangs. This in combination with her great attitude and her prominent eyes makes her an excellent representant of the Kiger breed. She is very alert and curious and is the given boss in the pasture! A very bright horse with lots of integrity.

Genotype: Dd, Height: ~144 cm

Offspring: TK Winona, TK Mahogany Motega, TK Viho, TK Macha Maiara, TK Michante, TK Mahogany Muraco, Hells Amazing Ace

TK Lulu Juniper

D.O.B 2012-04-06
Reg: KMA#0738-P, KHAR#T-0267-MCG*
u: Mahana
e: Thunder The Wonder Horse KMA #0583-W

Lulu has an amazing personality and charms everyone!  Both her parents are from the wild. She is just a sweetheart and a very social horse. 

Offspring: TK Chuchip

Hell's Amazing Ace

D.O.B 2021-08-07
Reg: KHAR#T-1139-SCD, KMA-registration pending
u: Rio's Chiquita
e: SWS Durango de DBLE L

Ace is a very social individual with a great mind. He has also all the desired Kiger mustang characteristics. He is not for sale at the moment. I will keep him to see how he matures and might keep him as a future breeding stallion.  Dun with no white markings, colour tested with the results AaEEDd.