Kiger Mustang


Breeder of kiger mustangs since 2009

Located in Sweden 

The original mustang herds descended from horses brought to the new world by the Spanish conquistadors. The Spanish horse was considered the finest warhorse in the world during the 16:th century. It was a result of centuries of superior breeding. Over time horses wandered of from Spanish mission herds and became seat start for the wild herds of the Spanish mustangs that once rolled the American west. Among the wild herds of the American west the Kiger mustang is considered unique, a living genetic treasure. Blood tests done at the University of Kentucky have found genetic markings intact and clearly evident tying the Kiger to the Spanish horses ridden by early Spanish explorers.

Our goal is to preserve the Kiger mustangs and once again introduce this amazing breed in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Foals 2022

We expect 2 late foals in 2022

Only 1 has arrived so far...

1 black mare (2022-08-07)

*Sold* Hell's Black Jack

Black Jack is a very friendly colt. We will really miss him, but are so pleased with his new home!

Hell Kigers run the Kiger Mustang Directory which is a database where you can list your registered Kiger mustang, or view pedigrees and information for listed horses. We have now also included trial mating tool with an inbreeding calculator. All for free!

New name

We have changed our ranch name!

Tibble Kigers is from now on Hell Kigers.

"Hell" means "luck" or "success" in Norwegian.

Also, our farm is close to the Häll mountain (pronounced "Hell").

All our horses are finally home!

In 2020 we could finally move our horses home, after having them on other farms for 7 (!) years. We bought some land and built a new stable. The stable is especially adapted to this breed, with both a shelter-part and an isolated stable-part. So pleased with this solution! And the horses loves it :-)

SWS Durango de DBLE L, our #1 breeding stallion