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Hell's Rebel Rock 

D.O.B: 2021-08-25

Sire: SWS Durango de DBLE L

Dam: Rio's Chiquita

Color: Bay

Big, beautiful, long-legged bay colt. Opportunity to become the proud owner of a Chiquita-Durango foal!

This sure-footed guy runs with superspeed over our rough pasture. Very handsome!

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Price: 75 000 SEK / 7 500 Euro

Price includes: Veterinary examination, registrations, passport, vaccinations, and also health certificate (if needed).

Hell's Bonanza (*SOLD*

D.O.B: 2021-08-07

Sire: SWS Durango de DBLE L

Dam: Mahana

Color: Black

Supersweet and curious jet black filly with great movements!

Mahana & Durango has once again produced a perfect little foal. The chances for a black foal is 12.5%, so I am quite amazed they produced two in a row :-)

This filly is definately an eyecatcher! 

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Price: 75 000 SEK / 7 500 Euro

Price includes: Veterinary examination, registrations, passport, vaccinations, and also health certificate (if needed).

- Buy a Kiger from Hell Kigers:

When you buy a kiger mustang from Hell Kigers, price include:

  • Registration in KHAR for all sales horses, and additionally in KMA for exports (see information about registries under "Kiger Information")
  • Passport
  • Veterinary examination
  • Vaccinations
  • Health certificate (needed for exports)

We practice a 10% deposit when signing the purchase agreement. The remaing amount must be paid prior to departure.

Foals are not sold prior to 8 month of age. Preferrably they should be weaned naturally (normally between 10-12 months).

We do not practice booking of foals prior to their birth. But you are welcome to announce your interest in a specific foal. 

All of my horses are documented full Kiger mustangs with origin from the two first herds in Kiger and Riddle Mountain HMA.


- Buy a Kiger from other breeders:

We have now reached over 100 kiger mustangs in Sweden. The breed is now well established with 4 other breeders: 

Tomas Lindén:

Jessica Monasdotter:

Helena Lidén:

Michelle Söderström:

There are also several breeders in Germany!

- Guidelines for buying/import a Kiger Mustang (My personal recommendations)

1.       The kiger mustang should be registered in a kiger registry. Chose registry wisely.  Read and learn about their differences. Import costs are lower for a registered horse.

2.       The kiger should have a verified pedigree back to freezebranded (wild) individuals. It can be hard to trace ancestors back once you have your horse in Europe. Decide if you want the parentage to be DNA verified or not (registries do this differently). 

3.       If you are about to buy a freezebranded individual, make sure you get all paperwork - including BLM-documents and Animal health & Identification record.

4.       The transport costs are much more expensive than the horse itself. It might be a good idea to buy a mare and have her bred in good time prior to transport. Then, you get two for the price of one :-)

5.       If you buy a kiger on the kiger adoption, the horse must stay in the US for one year before it is allowed to leave the country. Many kiger breeders are very engaged and some of them love to help out with hosting and training your horse during this period. 

6.       Transport companies can assist with quarantine and transport all the way, from the US to your home. I have used Nedpoint (flight from Texas) and Mersant International (flight from California). Transport planes go to Amsterdam and the horse will travel with truck from there. Quarantine is one month in the US.

7.       If you want to use your kiger in breeding, you should definitely read about color variations in kiger mustangs, what is desirable-and what’s not? And what’s important for you? Grey kigers have previously been mistaken for beeing “claybank”. True claybank is red dun with the crème gene - and these are rare.

8.       The term “found” kiger is widely discussed. It means that the horse itself or its ancestors trace back to other HMA’s than Kiger or Riddle Mountain. These horses were chosen upon their kiger-like characteristics by BLM and added to the herds or breeders to increase the genetic diveristy of the breed. Make a decision whether this is important for you or not.

9.        If you have the opportunity - go to the US and look for your perfect kiger mustang - or let someone you trust do this for you. 

10.       Ask questions! Kiger owners are in general very helpful. They love to share their knowledge about the breed. Learn all you can before you buy your kiger. Once you have your horse in Europe- no one will ever pay for a ticket back :-)